Many Options to Choose From

Getting started in the art of mood setting can be fun and very re-warding. When you see the reaction you get from your guests as well as your awe when you enter the room and experience the ambiance you helped create, it makes the planning and extra effort all worth while.



Getting Started

- The first question that needs answered is:

"What are the colors of your wedding?"

This is important so we can figure out which lights and fabrics will work together to reinforce your color scheme..

- Next we need to know:

"Where is the event and how large is the facility?"

Location and size become a factor in dealing with power, amount of lights , and special restrictions that may apply to the facility.

- And thirdly:

"Do you have a theme already in mind or a mood you would like to recreate?"

Having a start point about what you would like to see when you walk in can help us to ensure that we make your vision a reality. Don’t worry if you don’t have something in mind because we can help you thru the creative process.

Action !!!


Packaging and Prices

Our small venue starter package for rooms which accommodate up to 100 guests starts at $195.00 and is certainly a great value! We pride ourselves on quality while keeping it affordable.

Our medium venue starter package for rooms which accommodate up to 250 guests starts at $395.

Our large venue starter package for rooms which accommodate up to 500 guests

starts at $595.

Additional options can be added such as fabrics, props, table arrangements and so on. Pricing for those features and others is determined during our consultation with you.

Yes!!!! We can do outdoor events! Pricing varies and we can also bring the tent